Treat your child and his/her friends to a special princess, spa, or carnival magic birthday party!


Our special event room features a princess theme with beautiful princess costumes in various sizes, costume shoes, karaoke machine with kids songs, and a decorated table for your food and cake.  We welcome customizations to our party packages and we will gladly assist you with food delivery ideas for your child's special day along with balloons and any other needs.  

Parties are approximately 2 hours and the ideal party size is for 6 to 8 children.

Party Info, Pricing, and Questions:


or email us with your party preferences and details for a party quote

  • Pretty Princess 

  • Spa Party

  • Magic Carnival

  • Custom Parties

Included in our Princess and Spa themed parties: 

  • Hair styling

  • Makeup

  • Nail painting & design

  • Games

  • Dress up with costumes and shoes

  • Goodie bags

  • Red carpet catwalk with age appropriate music

  • Kids Karaoke

  • Carnival and princess games

Party Room
Food and Cake Table
Dress Up Costumes